Keeping the Fee On a No-Show Director of Nursing

A hospital in Tennessee has filed a lawsuit against an Atlanta search firm after a new employee’s start date came and went, the director of nursing was a no-show, and the firm kept its $23,000 fee.

Is Management Search Inc. International entitled to the 25% fee? According to this article, the hospital was open to working with the firm to find another candidate for the director of nursing position, but Management Search allegedly never found a qualified replacement.

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Any bets on how this lawsuit will pan out?

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2 Comments on “Keeping the Fee On a No-Show Director of Nursing

  1. Barring any informational bombshells from the search firm (i.e., we presented 5 more qualified candidates but they refused to interview them), this is just bad business. So if everything is as stated, I would hope that the courts find for the hospital. This type of behavior is a black mark on our industry.

  2. We obviously haven’t been given all the facts here. What did MS1 do in the subsequent replacement search? Did Metro somehow subvert the process? Although those might be interesting questions for discussion it really all boils down to what the contract says. Obviously, I don’t know what it says but my experience reading lots of recruiting contracts tells me that this is likely one of those less frequent cases where it’s the recruiting firm that is the sleazeball.

    Tom Keoughan

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