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If you live in Ohio and you’re recruiting for a firm in Florida, do you know all you should about the area and what it has to offer? Or, if you found the perfect job for that woman in Wyoming, but the job is in Indiana, do you know what will intrigue her enough to consider the move? People don’t often relocate just because they like the job. They move because they like the job and where they’re about to live. Do you know how to sell it? To learn about a particular area, consider HotBot’s Regional Directory. Organized by state, and including recreation, sports, and history, this resource can be your gateway to understanding. Let’s say you’ve got a prospect in Minnesota that you want to relocate to Texas. Simply go to the Texas listing and find out about various localities, health and education services, culture and recreation – even homepages to put the prospect in touch with someone who lives nearby. Of course, you can turn the tables, too. Each state in the directory also lists some of its businesses and associations. So, you’ve got another starting place if, for instance, you need an engineer from Texas. Other regional directories include:

  • AOL’s Digital City that links to information about lots of cities in the U.S.
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  • Beaucoup’s geographically specific search engines.
  • Super Seek’s local and regional search engines. Click on “Local Regional” under Specialty Directories.

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