Kronos Buying Unicru

Unicru, a leading vendor of recruiting technology for the hourly employee market, will be sold to Kronos for $150 million.

Kronos sells time/attendance products, among others.?

Unicru will be renamed Kronos’ Talent Management Division.

Rick Fletcher is the founder and president of the consultancy HRchitect and has a business relationship with Kronos. He says Kronos has been partnering with applicant tracking system vendors but has been shopping around to buy one.

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Fletcher says Unicru hasn’t been highly effective in going after the exempt-from-overtime market. But, he says, for Kronos’ mainly mid-sized-company clientele,?Unicru may be an appropriate system.

In the hourly recruiting technology sector, Unicru, Fletcher says, is the “800-pound gorilla.” But, he says, it has been increasingly coming under competition in this area from companies such as Deploy, Taleo, and ADP (which through acquisitions has moved into this applicant-tracking arena). Unicru has been the subject of many an acquisition rumor in recent years.


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  1. Was (is) a nice item- a wise man once told me that you can grow very rich by selling hardware..

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