Ladders Subscribers Now Can Get Jobs By Recruiter

Today, The Ladders is turning loose MyPipeline, an interesting new service that seems inspired by Twitter.

The announcement will be made this morning at the ERE Expo underway in San Diego.

Now, subscribers to any of The Ladders’ various job boards can opt to follow specific recruiters and receive their job posts. What makes this different, if not better, than following a recruiter on Twitter is that these job posts are not blasted out publicly. As anyone who has used Twitter knows, tweets are public.

On the recruiter side, MyPipeline can be a pre-screening tool. Sure there are six-figure poseurs on The Ladders, but coughing up a monthly fee tends to limit their number. So unless a recruiter is tweeting all the same jobs to their Twitter followers, MyPipeline provides some assurance that the applicants aren’t going to be resume mass mailers.

Marc Cenedella, founder and CEO of The Ladders, was a bundle of enthusiasm when he and I spoke last week about MyPipeline. “This is really wicked cool,” he said. “People will enjoy this product immediately.”

“This is the first time this has been done in the job board industry,” he boasted.

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OK. OK. It’s a neat feature. (I’m thinking so based on Marc’s description. I didn’t actually get to test it out or even to see it.)  Now it’s not sliced bread, but certainly handy for that group of middle-age $100k job seekers for whom Twitter is something they’ve only read about. The job posts are delivered via email, which, Cenedella says, is the preferred method of The Ladders’ demographic.

Think about it for a moment before you shrug it off. Every job board worth the time allows job seekers to set agents to email them job posts meeting certain criteria. However, I can’t think of any time I’ve seen “recruiter” as a search parameter.

So you have to give The Ladders credit for offering this as a feature. Maybe anybody could have done, but The Ladders did it.

Cenedella’s team also thought through the potential wrinkles. Recruiters can opt-out either entirely or they can reject certain individuals. Job seekers can go search for specific recruiters or opt-in to one or more based on who posted the jobs to which they applied previously.

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  1. Decent functionality for sure. Would love to see The Ladders add a rating system for recruiters. That way job seekers can ID the best recruiters by reputation

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