Let’s Start the Weekend With a Few Recruiting News Briefs

A quick little of this and a little of that before you head home tonight:

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  • Niche, I know, but Sunil Mehta (of Throng) let me know about a new job board for biotech, medical technology, and related fields, in southern California.
  • I’m still hearing a lot from randrr, so keep your eyes on that startup led by an industry veteran. It sounds like it’ll approach beta later this year.
  • Jake Cohen, out of Los Angeles, let me know about the startup he is cofounding: Fama, to analyze someone’s web presence. “Fama uses artificial intelligence to pick up on the ‘red flags’ and ‘green flags’ that exist in people’s online personas,” he says. “Red flags might include references to racism, sexism, violence, and drug use, whereas ‘green flags’ allow you to see if a candidate is volunteering on the weekend, or passionate about certain causes.”
  • EmployUs is on the ups and Recruit declined.


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