Lights, Camera, No Action for Video Resumes

Which side of the video-resume street are you standing on these days?

In a recent survey of 150 senior executives from the nation’s 1,000 largest finance and accounting companies, Robert Half International found that just 24% of senior executives say their companies accept video resumes from candidates. Another 58% say “no” and 18% say they are unsure about their companies’ policies.

So, which side of the street are you on? Are you thinking, “Only one in four accepts them?” Or are you thinking, “Really, one in four? That’s a lot!”

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Although video resumes have become more common, some employers are reluctant to accept them for fear of bias claims.

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4 Comments on “Lights, Camera, No Action for Video Resumes

  1. IMHO, it’s just a matter of time before video resumes are mainstream. Fear of bias claim? Are you serious? Can you tell me the difference between meeting a candidate at a job fair and a video resume?

  2. Once upon a time the thought leaders of the day suggested that the noisy (horseless carriage) automobile would never catch on. Hummmm? Doing business at the speed of the internet is now. As generation X, Y & mellinieals take an active decision making role within the enterprise video resumes and much much more will become standard operating procedure.

  3. Art, No one likes to look like Mr. Headhunter-of-the-Future more than I do and Marcus is’ll probably come eventually…And the bias claims won’t stop it…BUT, without repeating my whole previous rant that is still near the bottom of the front page here,it’ll have nothing to do with what year someone was born in. It’ll have to do with utility. SO FAR…video resumes are not better. YOU CAN’T SCAN a 10 MINUTE VIDEO TO SEE IF YOU WANT THE WHOLE THING… I wish I had thought of that for my rant. You also can’t search 1000’s of them…

  4. The problem with video resumes and interviews right now are logistics and having access to the proper equipment to execute them. Technology has become very user friendly and the younger generation lives on gadgets. Collaborative products – such as web cams, online video platforms and PCs – are common place in the homes and is, increasingly, becoming commonplace in the office.

    One thing is for sure – until more candidates adopt the use of video resumes, companies will continue to avoid accepting them, feeling as if they are an unfair advantage to those who have the ability to record a professional video resume.

    Isn’t the interviewing process about having an advantage over other candidates? – be it through different fonts, shorter pages, flashy paper – some way to make your resume stand out in the stack. Video resumes should just be seen as another way of getting noticed – those who have the ambition and drive to shoot a video should get noticed first.

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