LinkedIn Launches ‘Talent Advantage’ Suite


“Roughly one new member per second,” explains Francois Dufour, LinkedIn’s senior director of Enterprise Marketing.

He is, of course, referring to the rapid growth of LinkedIn, which now tops 35 million members. And due to replies to job postings on LinkedIn having doubled over the last six months, the company has unveiled a “new” suite of solutions for recruiters. It’s called LinkedIn Talent Advantage, which is essentially an enhancement of four existing products and one brand-new product.

The newest feature is geared primarily to corporate recruiters, but third-party recruiters should know how to use LinkedIn Custom Company Profiles. It’s something you may see in client offices, and it’s something clients may ask you to help them develop as they seek to present information that is relevant based on a job-seeker’s background and professional interests.

(If you’re thinking this was already an option, you’re right…users were already able to view company profiles. The changes now allow companies and recruiters to develop an employer brand with content specifically designed for particular profiles.)

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In addition, the company has added enhancements to LinkedIn Recruiter; LinkedIn Jobs Network; LinkedIn Talent Direct; and LinkedIn Employer Advertising.

“LinkedIn Talent Advantage lets recruiters unlock the power of LinkedIn’s extensive professional network so they can uncover quality passive candidates who are unlikely to be on traditional job boards,” says Dufour.

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9 Comments on “LinkedIn Launches ‘Talent Advantage’ Suite

  1. I am wondering how the general public is going to react once it becomes well known to them that LinkedIn is no longer for professional networking, but a database for Recruiters to access their personal information…

  2. All social media sites will eventually need to be profitable and LinkedIn is wise to cater towards the recruiting and HR community who are willing to spend money to get hires. Conversely Facebook and others have been known to discourage recruiters and even shut off their accounts which biting the hand that feeds the mouth.

    Having more recruiters on LinkedIn, will bring more candidates to LinkedIn and ultimately the colleagues of those candidates will follow their friends. In todays job market most employees are changing jobs every 3-5 years which means they will need LinkedIn at some point in their career.

    LinkedIn’s invitation driven communication is much less intrusive then Facebook’s “viral” communication which breeds spam which is why LinkedIn will win out with the business community for the long term.

    Lets connect on LinkedIn and come up with more tools for recruiters on LinkedIn.

    Greig Wells

  3. How to Use Linked In:

    1) Look for potential candidates in LI by going outside LI to maximize your search results past your Level 3 network.
    2) Spend no more than 15 minutes obtaining direct contact information on them. (If it’s taking more than that, skip that potential candidate and go on to the next one.)
    3) Contact that person directly, by phone if possible and by email if not.
    4) Rinse and repeat.
    While others are fooling with LI’s “bells and whistles”, you get the placement.


    Keith “Shanghai Kelly’s Love Child” Halperin 415.586.8265

  4. Moe,

    Obviously, you’re in the minority with your opinion. If you don’t like LI, don’t use it. I, as a recruiter, do recruit through LI, and I will continue to. By the way, many people create profiles on LI with the hope that recruiters, and therefore job opportunities will find them.

    Have you ever heard of passive candidates? LI is full of ’em. If you don’t like it, don’t get on it.


  5. Linked in is gold. Using google searches to unlock any candidate regardless of network has resulted in 4 fees so far this year. Candidates love being connected with because it means more opportunities. Be sure to get ample referrals before reaching out, most will tell you they responded as a direct result of viewing your profile before deciding to reach out.

  6. I think its fantastic what good recruiters do like myself. I’m not gonna call everyone and tell to interview with my clients if they love their current job. But is everyone nailing the coffin at their current employer if there is no upward mobility. You can choose not to advertise yourself on FB and LinkedIN. Just sign off.

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