LinkedIn: The Job Site for People Who (Wink, Wink) Aren’t Looking for Jobs

LinkedIn’s a paradox. It’s a place for recruiting people who aren’t looking to be recruited. And it’s a place for finding jobs — especially if you’re not trying too hard to find a job.

I talk about these oddities in the 9 1/2-minute podcast below, with Coleen Byrne. She’s a sales director, most recently with Yahoo, and is the co-author of a new book for job-seekers called The Web 2.0 Job Finder. We also talk about the interesting advice people are getting with respect to creating a LinkedIn profile, as well as some mistakes job-seekers make when using LinkedIn.

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4 Comments on “LinkedIn: The Job Site for People Who (Wink, Wink) Aren’t Looking for Jobs

  1. I saw a tweet yesterday: “Recruiters use Linkedin as a resume database.”
    Agree? Disagree?

    What effect will this have (if any) on the general population’s participation on the site as this becomes more commonly known?

  2. In my opinon is yes. I see recruiting companies advertised openings alot. I also receive companies responding to my upadates when I am looking for opportunity.

    The bad thing about this isthat current employer will also look at your updates. It can also be an embaracement since your co worker can see your resume.

    I think linkedin need more profile control like facebook now. I even get help from people I linkedin regarding job openings.

  3. Todd- Great interview… I like the fact that you type in “9 1/2 minutes”, which is great, because I knew upfront how much time I would be committing to the podcast. Your innovating in our industry with the types of media to share content, so thanks for that! Best, Brian-

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