LinkedIn – We Certainly Can’t Let The 3rd Party Agency Recruiters Get It.

This is Great:

“Sneak-f***ed”. Brings back hazed memories, Dave. Many of them good.

To continue the theme of your post, have we all lost our b***s? “I’m sorry to hear John was in your files, Ms. Krank, but so are thousands of others, I’m sure. Your awareness of and interest in him was prompted by my firm’s referral, not the presence of an old resume in the vast wasteland of a database that you should have searcehd before you accepted any resume from any third party.”

“Ms. Krank, our business employs a simple, fair concept that covers just this situation. It’s called the ‘but-for’ rule. I’d be happy to acquaint you and, if necessary, your boss with. Otherwise, when would you like to talk to John?”

If you print the word, “Welcome”, on your forehead, what right do you have to be surprised when people wipe their shoes on your face?

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