LinkedIn’s New Rules for Big InMail Senders

Screen Shot 2014-07-10 at 9.30.03 AMLinkedIn has new rules out for people who use its recruiting product to send a lot of emails, but who don’t get a lot of people opening those emails.

In short, come August, LinkedIn is going to let you know if you’re getting a less-than-13 percent response rate on your InMails. For the next couple of weeks after that notification, folks with low open rates only be able to send emails 1-to-1, not in bulk.

After that, if you meet the 13 percent figure, you’re back to bulk. If not, you’re on another 14-day limit.

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“More than 98 percent of ‘Recruiter’ users won’t be impacted by this InMail policy change,” writes LinkedIn’s Sankar Venkatraman. “Yet everyone will benefit from it.”

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3 Comments on “LinkedIn’s New Rules for Big InMail Senders

  1. How interesting. LinkedIn is in effect penalizing recruiters for LinkedIn’s policy of not having people “*opt in” to being open to employment opportunities, leaving us how to figure out how to get better responses.
    No surprises here….
    *You currently have to “opt out” of being open to such opportunities, and most people don’t…

    1. Hello, Keith….

      IMO, it seems to me those who do this mass mailing are choosing to do recruiting lottery style vs. simply picking up the phone and calling on someone they see at LI to recruit that person.

      The fact so many recruiters nowadays spend so much time calculating what their subject ‘tease’ should say in their LI messages is to my advantage….that many fewer recruits calling on the people I recruit by calling them directly.

      I’d just as soon see LI continue to allow these recruiters to spin the wheel so there are fewer of them calling on those I recruit.

  2. I swear, LinkedIn thinks of recruiters as a necessary evil. Necessary because we are paying their fees…. evil because we want to use their site.

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