Look Who’s Learning to Code Next Week in Seattle

Seattle missionThe Seattle training organization called Code Fellows teaches Ruby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, and more, guaranteeing a $60,000 job offer to some grads, or their money back. Next week, however, the students in one of its training camps will be an atypical audience: homeless women and their kids.

Held at a Christian organization tackling hunger, homelessness, and mental health issues, the classes will start August 12, in the morning. They’re free to the women and their kids.

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Students at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission will learn basic programming skills, as an entree to future classes, jobs, or just a hobby. (The $60k job guarantee will not be in effect.) Graduates of next week’s program could choose a future Code Fellows class; some are two months’ long, women-only, and include scholarships to defray costs.


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