Madison, Wisconsin, Says It’s ‘Ground Level for the Next Big Thing’

The impatient. The chasers. The restless who thirst for something new. The seekers. Nomads for the unexplored. Scholars, thinkers, artists, mechanics, and maniacs.

That’s who a new, minute-long video of Madison is aimed at. Or, to put it differently, potential employees — that’s really who it’s aimed at.

The city’s Chamber of Commerce put together the spot following 18 months of research into what people think of the town, according to the Wisconsin State Journal. The Chamber hopes local employers spread it around for use in their recruitment marketing, similar to how employers have done in places like York, PennsylvaniaMinneapolis, and the Yukon.

I’ve embedded it below; if you have trouble, it’s at

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  1. From my time up in Madison, WI visiting friends and family who live up there and work both in the private sector as well as at the University, I believe this video spot is a very appropriate and appealing representation of Madison. I don’t think they have undersold or oversold the facets of personal life as well as vocational opportunities available in Madison.

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