Maersk’s Slick New Game Has People Searching for Oil

QfO-logoThe shipping-oil-gas company Maersk is out with a a new game meant to drum up interest in its careers. While the U.S. Army and others — some mentioned here and here — have tried various high-tech games before, this is of one of the more complex.

Downloadable at, players search for oil off Qatar or the North Sea. They want to produce — safety checks included, of course — oil as fast as they can, and top scores are posted.

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The company’s in-house oil-drilling experts helped advise the makers (FRND, Quartz and Co, and Serious Games Interactive) in the creation of the game, which among other things is aimed at showing how high-tech Maersk jobs are.


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  1. Exceptional use of simulations to explore data considerations, resource utilization, decision making, and problem solving. MAERSK has demonstrated the use of simulations to capture work-sample data about candidates. This is far more objective and useful than resumes, word searches, education levels, and minimum qualifications.

    More and more companies are turning to custom simulations for pre-employment testing and objective candidate evaluation. However, many jobs and common job tasks can be simulated with far less technology, significantly smaller investments, and less time. MAERSK has pushed the boundaries of high-fidelity simulations.

    Some of the more remarkable points are in the student and incumbent reactions captured in videos. They comment on the high engagement the simulation created, new levels of awareness of the job demands, greater interest in learning more.

    Simulations can present realistic job preview (RJP) as the context for the evaluation experience – this is part of the job, now you try it.

    MAERSK has created a candidate experience as unique as their brand, and an evaluation experience as challenging as their jobs. Any candidate completing such an exercise will walk away with a more favorable brand impression. And MAERSK obtains a work sample that relates to elements of job performance. Better candidate data = better hiring decisions. Better candidate experience = viral attraction.

  2. As a fellow Dane (Denmark origin of Maersk) I have to say they have come up with something quite remarkable here, and in line with best in class as seen elsewhere for those using gaming as a tool to connect and engage. Not only are they spot on in terms of what it takes to ‘prepare for the future’ in relation to a dwindling engineer uptake, but they stay true to being a very innovative and forward thinking company. Far from being amongst the top 20 i terms of size, they are quite unique in so far that they are dealing with some of the geological most challenging oil explorations the world has, and this game shows how complex and challenging that world is. It may or may not be possible to use this for short term gains, but in respect to future generations this is right up there amongst those companies that acknowledge the work force challenges of the future (the oil and gas sector will be seriously short of people in the coming years) and are doing something about it.
    Judging from a video of high school kids (in Danish on YouTube) they receive this with great enthusiasm and excitement why distinctly hitting the core of where intended.
    Well Done Maersk

  3. By the way — some more info I got today … the production took about eight months. From idea to final product, it took about 1.5 years. It cost around $429,000.

  4. Total bargain Todd, another one they developed being for enticing more people to become interested in trucking in a country of 5 million inhabitants (Denmark) cost in excess of USD 1.000.000 (yep that is right one million) !!!!!

  5. If one digs a little deeper into this (no pun intended) it transpires that Maersk have a Offshore Simulation Center. This video show a snippet of insight into that, why it becomes clear where some of the Quest For Oil game content may have come from.

    @Tood, as per Recruitment 4.0 and 5.0 gaming is definitely coming and perhaps interesting if ERE may find some other examples and companies where this apply and are used.

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