Managing Resistance Gets Easier

Check out the video of our most recent episode of Fordyce TV. In this latest episode, Next Level trainer Jeff Kaye invited Helene Buchanan Dunne to discuss a topic that is near and dear to the hearts of all recruiters: turning a “no” into a “yes.”

The show was a big hit, since most recruiters understand the definition of rejection — but do we know how to overcome it? This episode taught us ways to overcome rejection, but to learn the art of blocking resistance. In our business, we typically see resistance falling into “four buckets,” but there are ways to learn the signals to overcome these roadblocks.

What can you do to reduce resistance before you get it? First, think about what hiring authorities do not want. Why do they say no? Kaye and Dunne say it’s because, in part, recruiters sounds nervous, scripted, are not listening, or offer no value proposition. Do your calls fall victim to any of those traits? If so, learn to reduce that rejection by implementing the tips Kaye and Dunne offer in this episode.

If you were unable to catch the show live and/or you want to see it again, we have recorded it and you can enjoy the show here:

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In addition, you can keep up with Jeff in his group, Next Level Live, on the Fordyce Network. You can also learn more training tips on Next Level Recruiting Training. Special thanks again to the show’s sponsor, SendOuts.

Tune in next week to catch a brand-new show entitled Splits Happen! starring Dave Nerz, president of NPA Worldwide. The show will premiere Tuesday, January 27 at 2pm.

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  1. Great session.We just watched this as a group. Thanks Jeff and Helene. At last something practical that we can use immediately. More sessions like this please. Matthew

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