Manpower Starting Big South Dakota Gig

While it recruits on Facebook and on its own career site, the Mount Rushmore state is also turning to Clint Brown and a team of seven dedicated Manpower recruiters tasked with luring out-of-staters to take jobs going unfilled.

“South Dakota never really took part in the recession,” says Brown, a permanent placement specialist for a Manpower division. He attributes that to a relatively stable agriculture and manufacturing sector, as well as a business-friendly climate including no state income taxes, a right-to-work policy, and other business-friendly incentives.

In a nutshell what’s happening is that Manpower is helping South Dakota encourage people to move and take open jobs. Manpower, handling more of the staffing and the blue-collar part of the job, and its Experis division, handling more of the permanent placement part, will work together to fill around 1,000 jobs.

According to a special site the state set up, employers can use the Manpower contract to recruit at a pretty low rate. Fees, assuming jobs are unfilled for 30 days (so locals have a shot at the positions), are “$3,000 per placement for employees with a base salary under $40,000 annually and $5,100 per placement for employees with a base salary of $40,000 to $80,000 annually.”

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The state pays half the fee, so we’re talking about a $1,500 or $2,550 fee for a hiring company. Brown says this is intended to make it palatable for a business to pay relocation fees for a potential employee, since the recruiting costs otherwise will be fairly low.

Recruiters interested in an arrangement where they’d help fill a job and split the fee with Manpower can contact its Sioux Falls office.


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