Manpower’s Latest RPO Deal is a Biggie

For those who thought Manpower’s contract with the state of South Dakota was big, try Australia on for size.

ManpowerGroup has landed a contract with the Australian Defence Force, one that’s worth at least $400 million for five years, and could even get extended to five more. It is an extension of an existing relationship and will involve soup-to-nuts recruiting: recruitment marketing, medical and psychological assessments, offers, and more.

The Aussie Navy, Army, and Air Force handle about 20,000-40,000 candidates annually out of 16 national recruiting centers. These candidates include everything from sailors to soldiers to engineers, doctors, lawyers, and pilots.

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The new contract begins in November 2012; Manpower calls it the “largest and most complex RPO program in the world.”

The company recently “crushed” Wall Street expectations of its earnings.


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