Marriott’s Careers Pages Get Makeover With Where-I-Belong Theme

Marriott is in the process of launching a bit of everything: a new Facebook application, a recruiting site for mobile phone users, a web-based careers page, and more, all about six months in the making.

The company had won an ERE Recruiting Excellence Award this year for having the best employer brand. It had also done that 10-day shoe giveaway on Facebook last May as well as built a Facebook game to introduce people to the hotel industry.

The new mobile-phone page at — when you access it from your phone — leads off with a large photo and is followed by a list of jobs. Meanwhile, here’s a quick, visual look at some of Marriott’s new Internet-based pages:

The careers page, above, at leads off with a large photo ...
... while the previous version, above, had a "destination Marriott" theme
The new Facebook page, above, at, has a "Where I Belong" theme ...
... as does a Facebook app at for "future, current, and former associates and friends of our family" to upload photos from around the world

Among the many other channels, job boards, and so on where the new theme is carried out is on Twitter (right).

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For the careers page on its careers website at, Marriott worked largely with Avature (in addition to Marriott’s internal web team). Avature also helped out with the map you see pictured at the top of this post, generated from job search results.

Avature also helped Marriott consolidate its two applicant tracking systems to create a new search. Punchckick Interactive helped build the Marriott mobile site.


6 Comments on “Marriott’s Careers Pages Get Makeover With Where-I-Belong Theme

  1. The website is great in that it is mobile optimized. It still misses on the mobile job seeker experience.

    You cannot apply to the job from your mobile device. You can only “show interest” in the position. This means that the job seeker must then find the notification from a desktop and apply via the normal process. I would imagine that the fall off from referral to actual application is great. Who cares how visually appealing the site is if you can’t apply?

  2. I have a feeling they’ll work on that in q1 or q2. I know they’re looking at location-based services (e.g. where jobs are located near where you are using the phone).

  3. hey jon –

    appreciate your comment! we agree with you that getting to an actual application is key and it’s something we’ll work toward next year. for line of site, some of the things we’re grappling with is how to simplify the application steps and length, how to get our ATS providers to mobile optimize their application and how to make our assessment process mobile friendly. we’ll get there soon enough though and can’t wait to see how our partners like ATS providers intro new technology as well.

    lots of enhancements on the way for our mobile site! we’re excited!

    jessica @ marriott international

  4. Nice sharing of information about what other companies are doing Todd.

    Always enjoy seeing what Marriott is dong, since they appear to be continually transforming themselves daily.

  5. Great post about a great brand, Todd.

    There’s a slide in my agency’s social recruiting presentation that shows a post on Marriott’s Facebook Page, which asks employees, “If you saw our CEO in the lobby, what would you say to him?”

    As you can imagine, there are many ways a post like that can go wrong. Some companies would NEVER set up their employees to disparage the company or the CEO on a public website.

    But the post had a hundred likes and dozens of comments. A few were in the “complaint” category but nothing was vicious or profane. That illustrates, to me, that bravery on social media can pay off for recruiters.

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