Merrill Lynch, The Economy, College Grads

Friday chatter:

  • Big job cuts are apparently coming to Merrill Lynch, but Tom Wilson — who heads up the recruiting function — said today that he’s quite busy recruiting. “We’re certainly not freezing hiring many parts of our business,” Wilson tells ERE. “Last year was a record year in a number of our businesses. A lot of people don’t know 40% of the firm’s revenue last year came from non-U.S. operations” including Europe, Russia, Singapore, India, and Dubai. Among Wilson’s favorite recruiting tools: Affinity Circles.
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  • Recession? What recession?
  • Interesting data from the feds today on employment among people with bachelor’s degrees — unemployment rates of college grads are lower than at the end of last year.
  • Accenture’s whopping hiring numbers this year.


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