Mid-week Chatter: New Sites, New Apps, New Studies, New Lawsuits

  • A new report on healthcare and manufacturing in Ohio finds that, regarding healthcare, “In a worrisome trend, some of the healthcare occupations that experienced the strongest growth also had declining real median wages. These jobs tended to be healthcare support positions that required little or no classroom training. This trend was exemplified by the home health occupation, which grew by 56 percent in just three years by adding 17,100 jobs. The real median wage in this occupation fell by 5.6 percent.” And regarding manufacturing, “Guidance counselors do not understand the opportunities available for manufacturing careers or choose to direct students to other fields.”
  • One group says it has “something exciting” to announce, which it says will be the “next best thing in Web 2.0 recruiting.” Meanwhile, InovaHire says its “design and functionality will be Web 3.0.” What’s on the Inova site isn’t much now, but we’ll keep in touch with the company and fill you in.
  • CareerBuilder has launched a new job board, for retail.
  • Speaking of CareerBuilder, which recently launched a new iPhone app … Nate Swanson, who analyzes HR/recruiting-related stocks for ThinkPanmure, says the recruiting/HR field will move quickly into mobile-device adoption. He writes: “With early movers such as salesforce.com, Oracle, and CareerBuilder already live with mobile applications on the App Store, we believe that it is only a matter of time before the human capital management space begins to push into the mobile frontier … we actually project an inflection point in growth 12-18 months from now as HCM applications converge with social networking and Web 2.0 technologies … We believe that the iPhone is pushing these boundaries fast, really fast, and other mobile device manufacturers are now scrambling to catchup.”
  • A lousy candidate experience? According to Dubai-based Hiring Solutions, its client Alshaya, also in Dubai, is one exception. Hiring Solutions says in an email: “Every job seeker at Alshaya will henceforth receive SMS updates on their job application, regardless of which part of the world they live in. The SMS will inform candidates whether they are short-listed or called for an interview and ask them to check their email for complete details. This spares jobseekers the agony of second-guessing their application status and helps Alshaya to reduce its average time-to-hire.”


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