Military Schools and Associations Yield Great Candidates

Last month I told you about how to hire military candidates by visiting the many bases and installations across the country. Today I want to tell you how you can visit many online “bases” from the comfort of your desk at work. The idea is that there currently exist many associations and schools of highly concentrated populations of military personnel. Specifically, your goal is most probably the alumni from the schools and the members of the associations. I’ve used the analogy before: if you want to fish for freshwater trout, you don’t go to the ocean. It is the same way with the military ? you must focus your efforts in the areas of high density in order to maximize your chances of success. First let’s take a look at a few associations. The Navy League is comprised of more than 75,000 members and has many opportunities for corporations to find military candidates. You can attend conventions, post your link on their site, and be connected with their career partners across the country. Or, how about the 150,000-plus-member Air Force Association and the U.S. Army Warrant Officer Association, both of which offer career services to members. There are also many more associations for marines, coast guard, army, navy, and other more narrow associations such as officers, engineers, retired, etc. As you can see, these and other associations cater to specific groupings of the military. So it may also be in your best interest to determine which part of the military is the best fit for the jobs you’re hiring for, and then target those associations first. In addition to looking at associations, the alumni from particular schools may also be useful. Check out the Virginia Military Institute or its alumni site at The alumni site has a very extensive “Career Services” link where employers can attend job fairs, post jobs, and take part in other career-related services. The Citadel is another great school to start developing a relationship with. Click on the “Alumni” link and transport yourself to a wealth of information and resources for recruiting. There is an alumni club for almost every state, contacts and email addresses for alumni from specific graduation years, and a full, online career services page for employers including corporate links. Consider also the SACC (Service Academy Career Conference) three times per year for all officers who have graduated from any of the academies and who are now entering the civilian workforce. Check out my April 5, 2001 article entitled How to Recruit Service Academy Graduates Without Paying a Placement Fee regarding these high-quality candidates. Take advantage of these great resources through a comprehensive, focused effort to recruit one of the best sources of skills and talent in the world ? the military.

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Bill Gaul ( is President and CEO of The Destiny Group, an Internet-based recruiting tool that utilizes the latest patent-pending technology (including audio/visual) for organizations to use to source men and women departing the military services. Endorsed by all of the U.S. Service Academy Alumni Associations, and three times selected as one of the "50 BEST" by CareerXRoads, this online system is the easiest and lowest cost method to reach transitioning military worldwide, without a per-head fee.

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