Military Security Clearances: Why they are a value to ANY employer

Often you will see at the bottom of a service member?s resume mention of the award of a security clearance. As a hiring manager in a manufacturing facility or a sales organization, you may think this is of little or no significance unless you are dealing with a government contract… Correct? Absolutely not. The various military services are dealing with both technology and information of great national importance. In order to better protect our military technology and processes, various levels of security clearances are awarded to officers, enlisted personnel, and government civilians. These individuals need access to this information to properly accomplish their duties. Some of the more common clearances are:

  • Confidential
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  • Secret
  • Top Secret
  • Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI)

Depending on the need to know and operate with classified information, a special investigation is conducted into a person?s background that can take up to 6 months and costs many thousands of dollars. Personal interviews are conducted and every aspect of an individual?s character is reviewed to insure that they can be trusted with items of national security. Since there are many organizations/countries still vying for the technical edge that the United States has developed, we must protect it. If someone has passed this level of scrutiny, and furthermore been trained to either operate in a clandestine manner or identify and close security breeches, do you think they can be trusted with your company?s proprietary information? You Bet! It is often said that business is war and the marketplace is the battlefield. It would be wise to recruit proven warriors capable of maintaining your company?s technical edge, and possessing the core values to protect it.

Bill Gaul ( is President and CEO of The Destiny Group, an Internet-based recruiting tool that utilizes the latest patent-pending technology (including audio/visual) for organizations to use to source men and women departing the military services. Endorsed by all of the U.S. Service Academy Alumni Associations, and three times selected as one of the "50 BEST" by CareerXRoads, this online system is the easiest and lowest cost method to reach transitioning military worldwide, without a per-head fee.

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