Minutes From A Meeting

From: Executive Assistant to the President, XYZ Corporation
To: Senior Staff
Subj: Minutes from Monthly Senior Staff Meeting
CC: J Doe, CEO XYZ Corp

The following are notes from last month’s senior staff meeting submitted for your review and information. Item 1. The VP of Sales has indicated that over the last few weeks, despite continued negative economic indicators, several of our larger clients are resubmitting requests for bids on contracts for capital goods. She anticipates an increase in volume by the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2002 or the end of the first quarter of 2003. But she is concerned that, based on information from manufacturing, the capacity may not be in place to meet those orders as a result of last year’s headcount reduction and the failure of third parties to meet delivery and quality standards. She further expressed concern over her current sales organizations inability to meet the increased volume of customer requests because of reduced headcount and the long lead-lag cycle in rebuilding a professional sales staff with specific objective industry requirements and critical subjective personality profiles. All members of the sales team expressed concern over the potential loss of revenue due to our inability to respond to a revived market. Item 2. The VP of Marketing is anticipating delays in the completion of new product programs, and is also concerned about the timely dissemination of information to the marketplace prior to the availability of those new services because of limited headcount in that department. Program and project managers are not meeting milestones, and the release date has been pushed back to the end of the second quarter of 2003, or possibly the beginning of the third quarter, 2003. This release date is past the anticipated market increase and represents a weakness that competitors could well capitalize upon. The critical need appears to be limited human intellectual capital. All members expressed concern over the potential for lost market share due to competitors responding faster to the next anticipated upturn. Item 3. The VP of Finance revealed that last year’s cost-cutting measures had placed the company in a positive cash flow situation, with long-term and short-term debt currently manageable under the existing cash flow. This allows the company to be in a positive position to seek loans, which in turn will support efforts to retool and rebuild intellectual capital as soon as the necessary plans are submitted by the various departments — through the purchasing department for the former and HR for the latter. Members expressed concern that those numbers were not yet available. Item 4. The VP of Manufacturing advised the board that they had not yet delivered those numbers, since the potential cost per hire of those new employees required to work with the new and upgraded equipment required had not yet been submitted by HR to be factored into the total cost of his budget. The time needed to staff up with the new headcount would also impact the time needed to transition from the current equipment to the new equipment, in order to ensure that there would be no issues in meeting existing and anticipated production goals. The board agreed that this factor, combined with the potential needs of the other departments, was in fact a critical issue that could impact the XYZ Corporation’s ability to recapture lost momentum or even maintaining current market share. Item 5. The VP of Human Resources apologized for being late, since his department was renegotiating the contract with catering service to see if they could provide bagels and coffee to board meetings at a reduced cost, thereby allowing the company to save approximately $20 per meeting, which averages out to savings of $120 per year. The intended savings, when combined with the reduced cost of this year’s holiday party and savings on new name badges, would net the corporation almost $750 pre-tax dollars by year end. The VP then asked if he had missed anything important. Item 6. The comments from the CEO were inaudible as he left the meeting. The other board members were laughing too loud, and he was mumbling to himself in a low tone. But after polling members it is believed he said something to the effect of, “A day late and a dollar short, as usual.” All members left the meeting; the newly arrived bagels and coffee were untouched. The VP of HR took them to the lunchroom for the employees. Respectfully Submitted, Hadda Badday

Executive Assist to the President

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