Monday Pointers

  1. Gary Stauble gives us 14 great questions to ask potential candidate as well as the fatal assumption
  1. Matt McMahon talks about extending offers. It’s a good read and one you should read. We don’t always get to make offers for more money. Sometimes it’s for less and sometimes they are accepted
  1. Joe Kreiss says, along with every other recruiting expert that you should plan today for tomorrow. You should have a plan.
  1. Wendell Williams talk about Ignorance and the Human Condition.

You know it’s hard sometimes to stay motivated. When you look at your board and know you need to wipe off all those face-to-face interviews that resulted in no money. Sometimes you want to quit. Sometimes you want to jump. The funny thing is though is that when you look at your board and every one of those face-to-face interviews resulted in mucho money, you never want to quit.

The thing to remember is that if you do what you are supposed to do. There will be plenty of examples in your recruiting career where it all goes south and other times, it all turns to gold. In this business there is more gold to be had for those who recruit with a plan. Remember that. It makes the drive home easier.

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