Monster Extends Video Branding To Its Sites Worldwide

Employers worldwide can now incorporate video into their Monster (profile; site) job postings, a move that extends the U.S. born trend to a global market. Monster announced the rollout of Monster Video Profile this morning.

“Video allows employers to more effectively convey their culture, values and brand, which, in turn, helps job seekers better select the opportunities they apply to – and we fully expect that employers and job seekers around the world will benefit from this tool,” said Monster’s global CIO and head of product Darko Dejanovic.

The company first began offering video integration in the U.S. in September 2007. Companies could integrate their existing videos into their job offerings or, if they chose, have custom videos produced by MadDash E-Media, Inc. (profile; site) with which Monster partnered. Interestingly, Monster first rolled out its Video Profile product in India almost three months earlier.

CareerBuilder (profile; site) began quietly offering employer videos late in 2006, but waited until April 2007 to announce its Video BrandBuilder program. At that time it also said it planned to rollout video resumes for jobseekers, which it did over the summer of 2007. Monster introduced video resumes in India in May 2007 but has yet to roll them out in the U.S. or elsewhere.

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Today’s Monster announcement extends the video integration capability to Canada, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

No mention is made of a video production partner, although the announcement does suggest that Monster is offering some production service when it says, “Video Profile offers a host of services including concept creation and consultation along with complete video production and editing.”

There was also no mention of price for production or inclusion.

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2 Comments on “Monster Extends Video Branding To Its Sites Worldwide

  1. We have found great success with video job postings and have started to offer production services to our clients that are looking to add video to their recruiting strategy.

    Ryann Reddy
    Director of Search Name Generation

  2. Online video has been around since the mid 90’s, but the major advancements in broadband and technology are making a video a must in any recruitment plan, especially for Gen Y. 76% of Gen Y watch online video on a regular basis.

    Savvy employers have been using Employer and Job Branding for years. But there is video and there is video, making video resonate with Gen Y and other candidates is an art. Also apply some Web2.0 strategies to your video deployments.

    You can read the ?Video 2.0 for Recruitment? blog on ERE at for information about video in human capital space; news, trends, technologies, case studies, and strategies.

    -Ernest Feiteira

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