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Darth Vader didn’t come up this afternon at NAER but these things did …

Joe McCool, amped about his new book, jokes that specialist recruiters are in such demand nowadays that a generalist recruiter should call themselves a “multispecialist” … McCool also has some interesting stuff (which he goes into more detail about in the book) to say about diversity, namely that the glass ceiling for women and minorities is partly to blame on search firms’ lack of diversity, since they’re the ones who fill so many high-level jobs … Jay Arnold, SVP of HR at DB Schenker Logistics, says he’d like to see third-party recruiters bring him great candidates more often even when there’s no job apparently open for them, as he wants to find a way to pass along good resumes to hiring managers regardless of whether there’s an official opening … Kensington International’s Joel Dant jokes that “race, sex, even disability” are becoming commonplace discussions in politics, “and that’s just the lieutenant governor”  … a couple of healthcare recruiters tell me the physical-therapist shortage is just dreadful, and that PTs are the equivalent of techies about eight years ago…the big search firms get bashed a bit for providing weak service, blowing off candidates who aren’t picked for jobs, and sometimes just riding high on their brand names vs. blood, sweat, and tears.

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