More on What Recruiters Tweet, Read, and Retweet

Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 10.47.47 AMLast quarter, we took a look at what recruiters are reading and sharing on social media.

Let’s do it again.

Again, Leadtail used about half in house and about half agency recruiters. This time around, it examined 557 U.S. recruiters active on Twitter between June 1 and August 31, 2013. These recruiters totaled 173,903 tweets and 106,343 shared links.

Above are the people most often mentioned on Twitter.



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Above is a little different than the first visual; this one's showing the people most often *mentioned* on Twitter.
Above is a little different than the first visual; this one’s showing the people most often *retweeted* on Twitter.



And above we see the publishers most often mentioned on Twitter.


7 Comments on “More on What Recruiters Tweet, Read, and Retweet

  1. Todd,

    Love the intent but I’m not sure what to make of this report. It reads more like another HR “influencer” list (the usual names) than anything of practical value to someone in a recruiting position. Most of the people listed in the charts above are not recruiters. And who exactly were the “557 U.S. recruiters” analyzed? Is that a representative sample considering there are hundreds of thousands of active recruiters in the USA? And how much can we learn by only analyzing the 140 characters in their Tweets for 3 months? What about the types of jobs they are trying to fill via Twitter? The engagement of these Tweets? The topics they are most interested in? What “recruiters” are most most “mentioned”? And why only Twitter? What about FB or LinkedIn? These are legitimate questions considering the technology and social software exists to answer them. No doubt the lists above are made up of respectable influencers and media outlets in the HR space but the data raises more questions than answers if we are to understand how this information benefits recruiters and those in the recruiting industry.

  2. All good questions and points Mark. It’s just Twitter, and doesn’t measure engagement (though other measures of that are out there, like for companies, Maximum’s Social Recruitment Monitor). A recruiter could be perfectly successful – and many of course are – with no mentions on Twitter, and no use of Twitter for that matter. So this is not meant to be a list of who is influential or important — it’s a snapshot of what people and what publications recruiters are tweeting about. It’s not a value judgment.

  3. I guess that’s my point Todd. I don’t think analyzing the 140 characters in the Tweets of 500 “recruiters” (assuming they are recruiters because I can’t tell) for three months in the summer gives you anything close to an accurate snapshot of the people and publications real recruiters are tweeting about. If you feel otherwise, we’ll agree to disagree 🙂

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