More Personality Assessments Launching

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.40.51 AMWhile the money flows to folks like GildHired, and Executive Employers, new companies in the recruiting and HR technology field have sprouted up and are about to, including:

  • CareerClover, which helps job seekers identify what they’re good at and what they want to do, through assessments. It was developed by OPP, using something called the 16PF personality assessment. With prices shown here, the personality fit assessment is free, and the interests, skills, and cultural fit assessments are $15.
  • Traitify, another personality assessment tool, has already soft-launched but officially launches June 16. In one example of its tools, quiz-takers see a photo, such as of fishing, carpentry, public speaking, or writing poetry, and indicate if it’s “me” or “not me.” After a set of these choices, they’re given a pie-chart breakdown indicating whether they’re a big planner, analyzer, mentor, or other traits. Then, they get career information (see below). Employers could embed the tool in their applicant tracking system, and get a little snapshot of someone’s personality type as the candidate applies. Formerly called Woofound, it’s based in Baltimore, and has 17 employees, including a Vurv veteran. It has had $4.2 million invested in the company and more’s (money and employees) coming soon.

I’m in touch with three other companies in the recruiting/human resources field, launching soon. Stay tuned.

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