More Virtual Reality Recruiting: This Week It’s the U.S. Navy in New York, New Jersey

That “next frontier” of augmented and virtual reality, which has included an Australian bank, the British Army, and Intuit, among others, is expanding this week with multiple events around New York.

The Navy is recruiting using a new virtual reality experience starting this Thursday and running through Monday, as part of Fleet Week NYC.

There’ll be two virtual reality displays, called the Nimitz and the Burke (depending on the day and location; the event is at two New York and one New Jersey locations). Attendees will see a little video briefing, put on an Oculus Rift headset, and also, says the Navy, “a piece of wearable technology called a SubPac (traditionally used by Club DJs) that percusses in real time to the sounds of the mission, such as helicopter blades whirling and live mortar fire.”

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They’ll steer through a system that’s meant to replicate what it’s like to pilot an assault craft while extracting SEALs. After, they’re debriefed and given feedback on how they did.

The point: to show people just how high tech things are at the Navy, which will next take the display to Portland, Oregon.


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