NASA’s Gangnam Video, Now 4 Million Views Strong

Those looking to get other songs out of their head can enjoy a Gangnam parody, courtesy NASA interns.

NASA Johnson Style, as it’s called, has racked up more than 4 million views — quite a bit even for an organization used to big responses. The students who created it are in the Pathways Intern Employment Program at Johnson Space Center in Houston.

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An intern from North Carolina State University is one of the stars; a Penn State intern is the editor; NASA astronauts provide cameos.

It’s a bit less than four minutes, below.


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  1. Fun video and impressive number of views, but I’d be interested to see if this actually helps them attract the talent they’re looking for. It shows that it can be a wacky and fun working environment but it doesn’t say what the job is actually going to be like. The danger for a recruiter is that you end up spending more money reviewing applications from people who aren’t suitable for the job. I suspect that the majority of these views are from people who don’t have the relevant skills and qualifications and are never going to apply for a job at NASA.

    Hopefully it drives traffic to their site and potential candidates spend time finding out more about the positions available and it does actually benefit NASA, but it’s always worth thinking these things through to get the most out of your investment in video.

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