New Doctors as Blue-Chip Athletes

Is a national physician shortage turning new doctors into blue-chip athletes?

Over 90% of newly minted physicians received at least 10 job solicitations during their training, and 80% percent received two dozen or more solicitations, according to a new survey.

New doctors are the subject of intense recruiting efforts because there are simply not enough physicians coming out of training to fill all the available openings, the survey suggests.

The number of new physicians being trained in the United States has remained flat for over 20 years. As a result, newly trained physicians in almost all specialties are in high demand.

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The Merritt, Hawkins survey asked 290 physicians in their final year of training how many times they had been contacted by recruiters seeking to interest them in jobs.

The survey reveals that 94% had received 10 or more solicitations during the course of their training; 80% had received 26 or more job solicitations; 40% had received over 50 job solicitations; and 6% had received over 100 job solicitations.

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  1. Your blog has an interesting spin to an issue that the healthcare industry is experiencing across the board. As a sports enthusiast, I am always interested comparisons that cross over from the athletic world to recruitment and workplace issues. I also wanted to share with you some statistics from the Network that further demonstrate the clear shortage of healthcare workers today. In Q2 2008, the Healthcare & Medical industry experienced one of the largest percentage increases in jobs, and now holds the #2 position for online jobs with 12.65% of all jobs posted in the Network. On the flip side, Healthcare & Medical experienced one of the largest percentage decreases in candidate resumes, and holds the #5 spot for online jobs with 6.13% of jobs posted to the Network.

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