New Hershey’s Video Talks Candidly About a Recruiting Job

My friend Bryan Chaney let me know about a new and very interesting video from Hershey’s, where you hear candidly about a talent acquisition job, and a little about the selection process.

“Do understand this is not a metropolitan area,” you’re told — and as someone who has visited the quaint and cute chocolate town, that’s absolutely right.

It’s a great team, a growing company, in a great place to live, according to the video — “there’s no reason not to apply to this role.”

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The biggest problem with the video, perhaps, is its length — but I didn’t think 10 minutes or so was too long to sit through something informative, not time-wasting. The video is here (and it’s also worth checking this Hershey’s microsite).


10 Comments on “New Hershey’s Video Talks Candidly About a Recruiting Job

  1. Having seen a lot of stock photos, and too many generalities (“at Acme, we value employees”) I’m a sucker for something that at least feels reasonably genuine and has some specifics.

  2. Todd: Thanks for posting this. I agree with your response about it feeling reasonably genuine with some specifics, and on that point alone James gets an A+ for effort. When it comes to the actual production he gets a D-F. Here is my specific advice for him. “Hopefully” he’ll take heed and do a new video.
    1. Don’t record video like this “off the cuff”. It’s sloppy and is obvious that he didn’t think about what he wanted to say and then write bullets he wanted to cover.
    2. He says “ah and “um” about every 2-5 words. Yikes. I could hardly take it.
    3. He says “hopefully” way too much. “Hope” is not an effective strategy to get people to apply for your job opening.
    4. At the 7 minute mark he says, “That’s my pitch” and goes on for 3 1/2 more minutes. Additionally, any sales professional knows not to use the word “pitch” in front of a prospect. It makes him sound like a used car salesman.
    5. At the 8 minute mark he says, “In my mind there’s no reason not to apply to this role”. This is NOT about James. It’s about the prospective applicant. If I was a corporate recruiter and interested in this role, the fact that Hershey is a great town for families is moot. I don’t have children. The fact that he doesn’t know how to effectively sell to potential candidates is a big red flag.
    6. He says “It’s exciting to be at a large company…”. Maybe for him. Not for many people. Again, see comments in #5. He should be saying something like, “If you love the idea of working for a large company that’s growing and becoming more competitive, you’ve got a family and are interested in a very family oriented town, low crime, little traffic, and beaches, then this position is something you may want to explore in detail…”, etc, etc.
    7. Did he take a valium before recording this? Get some passion in your presentation!

    ‘Nuf said.

  3. I think many would agree that the idea is certainly worth something. Even being “off the cuff” can work … for some. What I think is the main problem with the video itself is the length. Candidates should be able to read a job description in less than 10 minutes and certainly a company like Hershey’s shouldn’t require candidates to do much in terms of research. One could argue, however, that the candidate type that Hershey’s is trying to attract are used to a different pace of life in general.

    @Keith – LOL, it’s always the simplest humor that I appreciate the most

    @Carol – I like a lot of your points stated, a bit harsh, but valid nonetheless

  4. @ Seth: Thank you. You meant calling me “simple” as a complement, right? 😉


    *If I weren’t simple, maybe I’d KNOW if you did, and I’d also notice that you didn’t call me simple, just that my humor was “the simplest.” Oh well, wish I could figure out these things….

  5. @Keith – To be clear, I truly appreciated the humor. I would never assume anyone’s character that I haven’t personally met and spent a significant amount of time with as “simple.” I was referring to the joke itself.

    @Carol – Again, a very valid point, and nicely put. That is a new one for me!

  6. @ Todd: I’m getting slow in my old age. I should have said right off: “Hershey’s Video Talks ‘Candidly’ or ‘Candydly'”?


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