New Sites for Military Veterans, Doctors, and Crowdsourced Referrals

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 11.10.43 AMA handful of the new websites and spinoffs entering the recruiting field:

Connecting hospitals with doctors: HiredMD — The “Physician Marketplace“. Doctors create profiles and can negotiate salaries in an auction-type format.

For military veterans in New England: New England Tech Vets.

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Out of New South Sales, Australia, comes PeerBrief. It’s a crowdsourcing recruiting platform to refer people to jobs. More on PeerBrief here.


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  1. It’s exciting to see so many new recruiting sites and ideas popping up. It’s like 1999 all over again! But I think this time around, because of superior platforms, more robust technology, and MUCH improved cost structures (from an entrepreneur’s perspective), that we’ll see a higher percentage of these VC and angel funded ideas find their niches and be successful. I was recently asked if I thought there was room for all the crowdsourcing oriented recruiting solutions getting funded. Of course there is. Crowdsourcing works and is delivering results while saving companies a lot of money. The same goes for some of the other more “out of the box” recruiting ideas (like RecruitLoop, a cool Australian company that the piece you link to in your article mentions). I think most of us are growing quickly but adoption of new ideas by corporate talent acquisition departments is still fairly slow. Not too many HR people are technology focused and some HR cultures are very change resistant. Not every vendor breaking new ground will succeed. But, given the cost savings compared to most traditional methods, and the low satisfaction levels with the “old ways” of doing things, I think many of these companies have bright futures ahead of them. Thanks for consistently telling us about them.

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