Next on Fordyce TV: Top 10 Ways to Maximize Your Team

fordycetv_jeffkaye21gifPopular trainer and Fordyce TV veteran Jeff Kaye returns on Tuesday, March 17 for another episode of “Next Level Live!” with guest Karen Pickens.

You have a team in place, you have trained them, you are managing a pretty smooth-running machine — but how do you make sure your machine is operating at full capacity? In this session, Jeff and Karen will explore the top 10 things you can implement immediately to get the most out of your current team tomorrow.

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This March 17 could be YOUR lucky day as you finally learn to maximize the investment you’ve already made with your existing lineup of producers. Simply log on to at 2pm ET, click the television box (no password or any special log-in instructions are required), and enjoy the show! Stick around after the presentation for a live Q&A session via the “chat” box feature (just type in your questions and Jeff and Karen will pick as many as they can to answer immediately).

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