Now Hiring: Someone Young and Hungry and Eager to Learn

Employers want someone with a fire in their belly — full of energy and hunger, eager to learn and adapt. And therefore … young?

But why young? Is youth really required for someone to be energetic? Krista Bradford of The Good Search and I talk about it in the short video below.

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4 Comments on “Now Hiring: Someone Young and Hungry and Eager to Learn

  1. Young and hungry is corporate code for cheap. It’s yet another example of how the vagueness that sales people prey on has worked its way into the culture of companies. ‘Energy level’ is impossible to define, and so easy to subjectively evaluate as too low, and people who are more advanced in their career are less likely to accept a joke of a salary. Which means it’s easy for ‘managers’ to dismiss them as not passionate enough or some other unquantifiable line of BS, when in reality their passion and energy are more than adequate, but the salary they’re being offered is anything but adequate.

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