Oh Canada!

Whether you’re recruiting “Canadates,” or you’re seeking to fill positions in the Great White North, there are a number of websites that can help you cover some territory. When You’re Minus A Candidate +Jobs Canada is a general employment site for a wide variety of industries. A job seeker visiting the site begins by choosing “English” or “Francais” from the homepage, which then leads to a page where the most recent postings can be accessed by occupational area. Among the diverse categories are “Computer-Related,” “Science,” “Travel/Hospitality,” “Finance,” “Health” and “Marketing.” But because this feature returns only the most recent posting, a candidate would most likely choose to enter a keyword in the search box, which can be found under “Job Search” midway down the page. Searching the database by keyword returns a list of position summaries. These include employers, locations and posting dates. Selecting an individual job listing returns more information, which usually includes details about the application process. In addition to looking for jobs, candidates may post resumes at +Jobs Canada. The resume database is available to those employers signing a “Super Membership” job posting agreement. Job postings may be purchased on an individual basis, but individual purchases do not come with resume access. Employers wishing to utilize the resume database without posting jobs can choose from several resume bank service subscription packages. The +Jobs Canada “Press Kit” provides cost information, along with traffic statistics and detailed demographics regarding site users. It can be found by selecting “Information” in the upper right corner of the page, and then “Press Kit.” A Page For The Recruitment Book Canadian Career Page has its own “Job Database,” which you may want to reference and utilize. This site, though, has so much more to offer. Every menu item is worth exploring, as each category points the way to more information and the potential for additional contacts. Selecting “Career Info,” for instance, returns several interesting categories, including “Sector Specific Career Resources for Canadians.” It leads to a page of occupations and industry sectors. Among these are “Advertising,” “Engineering,” “Information Technology” and “Health & Medical.” Choosing a category returns links to associations, publications and services. At “Engineering,” for example, you’ll find 30 links. Some are general, while others are focused on specific regions or industries. If you were looking for Canadian engineers, this page would certainly offer locations to explore. The “News & Events” category is another potential resource. Selecting it returns a page that includes “Canadian Career/Job Fair Listings.” Each item links to a page where you can obtain event details. “Work Search” leads to several links, including an item called “Hard-to-find Canadian job boards on the Web.” Choosing it returns a list of 37 targeted categories, such as “Arts, Culture & New Media,” “Call Centre Jobs” and “Information Technology.” Choosing one takes you to a page where links to specialty job boards can be found. <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> “Information Technology,” for example, returns a list of nine places to look for IT candidates. One of these sites is CanadaIT.com. It “Can” Do A company with a Canadian address involved with the IT/Internet sector is entitled to free basic membership at CanadaIT.com, a career and information portal. Membership allows an organization to publish “Company Profiles,” “News Items” and “Event Listings” at the site at no cost. There is a charge for job postings. A “Company Profile” offers the opportunity for quite a bit of exposure. A job seeker selecting “Companies” can obtain an organization’s profile in a number of ways. There is a keyword search box, an alphabetical search, and a “Technology/Business Type Search.” Choosing “Technology/Business Type Search” returns a page where a “Type” can be selected. Among the categories are “Business Applications,” “Computer Software” and “Technology Services.” Once a category is chosen, two columns are returned. The first contains subcategories, and the second is a list of all companies which fall under the main heading. To narrow the company list, simply select a subcategory. Each company name leads to a profile, which includes on- and offline address information, telephone and fax numbers, and details regarding products, services, and operational areas. Some profiles include links to recent press releases. The site’s complete library of press releases can be found under “News.” Here “News” can be searched in several ways. Items appear in chronological order. There is also a keyword search box, as well as a list of categories from which to choose. The “Events” section of the site lists conferences, meetings, and other IT happenings. Selecting an item returns details about the event, which often includes a link to the sponsor site. CanadaIT’s job board can be accessed by selecting “Careers.” Like other areas of the site, “Careers” offers several search options. A job seeker can choose a company from an alphabetical listing which indicates the number of positions posted for each organization, or by using one of the other “Browse By” features: “Job Titles (alphabetically)” and “Most Recent Added.” There is also a keyword search box, as well as a list of job categories. Each position leads to a page where job details are provided. Selecting the “Position URL” returns an online job application. Each job posting also links back to the company profile for more information. Northern Exposure CanadaIT’s “Links” is another area that can offer assistance in terms of recruitment. Here you’ll find “Immigration,” “Salary Stats,” “Recruiter Resources,” “National Associations,” “E-zines and Portals” and more. While many of these links can help you find answers to questions, others have the potential to help you find candidates. The next time a requisition involves Canada, why not set your sites on locations focused on the North, eh?

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  1. The job boards listed in this article are not the popular ones. The best boards in Canada from my experience (engineering sector) are

    Jobboom.com (Quebec only)

    Other boards making some traction though I haven’t had much experience with are


    There are a lot of local careers sites but I haven’t had much success with any of them

  2. This article is woefully out of date (2000) and the landscape has changed significantly.

    Workopolis.com has been the most popular job board in Canada for some time now. Newspapers with the largest subscriber base are The Toronto Star and The Globe and Mail. They teamed up some time ago to form Workopolis and ever since it’s been the number 1 career site.

    Job Shark – Jobshark.ca gave it a good run and still has some traffic but a few others have emerged since then.

    Jobboom.ca (very popular in Quebec but has some good traffic in the rest of Canada)

    More recently the former President of Workoplis left to work with another large paper (National Post) to form working.canada.com. They have micro sites for all the major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa,Calgary etc…)in Canada and are just now starting to see some traction.

    Though not ranked in any way, here is a list of other job boards in Canada. There are a number of niche boards that might be worth looking at.

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