One Company, All Your Careers

The U.S. Labor Department says people will have up to eight separate careers in their lifetimes.

“Why not have all of them at FedEx?” asks FedEx’s John Leech, speaking at the ERE Expo right now in San Diego. Leech says an employee can do everything from IT to metereology to security to sports marketing (because of the company’s sponsorships) and more, all without quitting.

Indeed, the FedEx careers website (though not perfect … searching for the terms “CEO of large company marketing experience master’s degree” in the resume box at left apparently didn’t produce any results, and a few postings are on the drier side) sells you on the company, not just the job. Some postings play up a potpourri of good company benefits. Many other postings play up the ability to get a promotion.

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“It’s not all planes, trains, and automobiles,” Leech says. “It takes a a whole company to ship one package.”


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