One Plus One Equals Many: Finding Accounting Candidates

When searching for accounting professionals, there are a number of online locations you can visit. While some are employment websites, others are association sites that provide access to accountants in other ways. Accounting and Finance Jobs (an employment site), (a full-fledged career site), and the membership organization portal, AICPA Online, are three places to include in your formula for successful recruiting. A Job Board that Adds up Although you can use the major job boards when seeking financial folks, Accounting and Finance Jobs is a site that streamlines the process for you. Featuring CareerMosaic’s JOBS database, the site is a strategic partnership between CareerMosaic and Pro2Net, an online resource for accounting professionals. Employers posting jobs at Accounting and Finance Jobs reap the additional benefit of exposure at CareerMosaic’s main site. There are other advantages to the site as well. A comprehensive resume search feature enables you to target candidates with great specificity. With geographic, business sector, education, and work experience filters, you can hone in on the candidate you’re seeking. A recent search for a junior accountant with a B.S., four to six years of experience in business/industry, and a background in audit and tax, willing to work in New York, returned eight resumes. Since these are people looking for jobs, resumes include email addresses, phone numbers, or both. Accounting and Finance Jobs gives those companies listing jobs the opportunity to post detailed employer profiles. Designed for recruitment purposes, these profiles can incorporate links to pages with relevant employment information and career enticements. A profile for PricewaterhouseCoopers, for example, has links for three different categories of job seekers: “Experienced Candidates,” “Campus Candidates” and “MBA Candidates.” Selecting a category leads to a corresponding page where additional details can be obtained. One-page employer profiles, known as directory pages, are also available. For a company wishing to link to career information at an existing Web site, an “Interactive Search/Response Package” is an option. In addition, Accounting and Finance Jobs has an online job fair page where a company can post a banner that leads to an event page. Banking on It While also has a job board devoted exclusively to accounting and finance professionals?one where, incidentally, basic job postings are free?this site has other areas that add up when it comes to making connections and obtaining pertinent information. Designed to be a complete resource for its market niche, the site has many features that can also be used by recruiters. Selecting “Accounting News” under the heading “Resources” at the homepage returns an up-to-date listing of industry-related articles with links for easy access. The article summaries usually contain company names, so it’s also easy to decide which articles to reference. While activities at certain companies can lead to the pursuit of candidates, some articles, such as a recent one about new partners, actually contain the names of individuals. When it’s a matter of numbers, can offer some assistance. Selecting “Salary Survey,” also under “Resources,” returns a comprehensive listing of positions and corresponding salaries. Divided in 11 different categories that include “Cash Management,” “Cost Accounting,” and “Internal Audit,” the survey, which used the Washington, DC, metropolitan area as its basis, can be helpful in distinguishing between positions in different operational areas.’s “Site of the Week” is another reference tool you’ll want to utilize. Each week an accounting site is profiled, with details provided about what a visitor will find, along with a link to the site itself. The page also contains links to past profiles. And, because all of the sites are related to finance and accounting, there are many possibilities for recruiters. Links and more links can be found in “Link Library.” Selecting “Links” under this heading takes you to a page of “Accounting Associations,” where there is a link to the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). <*SPONSORMESSAGE*> An Organization to Count on AICPA Online, the website for the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, is a gateway to potential candidates. The site has a classified section where you can post jobs. You may want to use this service, but there is so much information available at AICPA Online, that you’ll want to spend time using the entire site to look for candidates. AICPA Online forums are terrific resources. Selecting “Forums” from the menu on the left side of the homepage takes you to a page where you must first register. After a user name and a password have been chosen and registered though, you’re in. At the forum directory page, you can then select from 13 different groups. Among the discussion categories are “Accounting,” “Auditing,” “Business Valuation,” and “Tax.” Once you select a discussion, you then have the option of searching within that forum for a specific subject. Although you may not have the need to do this, it’s almost certain you’ll want to change the “Show” menus. Preset at “threads only” “for this month,” the settings can be changed to include “all messages” and “for 2000.” After using the pull-down menus, hit the “reload” button. It’s important to do this for each forum you visit. The “Auditing” forum recently showed only two threads for the month. When changing the settings to “all messages” and “for 2000,” 94 messages were returned. Other time frames can also be selected. Choosing “all messages” and “for 1999,” in the “Auditing” forum returned another 136 messages. Selecting a message link from a forum listing leads to the message itself, which includes the name of the poster. Clicking on the name creates a pop-up email window that allows you to correspond with your candidate. In addition to the people found in forums, AICPA Online abounds with other names. Selecting “Members” leads to a page where you can then click on “AICPA Teams.” This will lead to a listing of various teams, some of which include member names and telephone numbers. The “Audit and Attest Standards Team” page, for example, provides contact information for eight individuals. The site also features several online publications. Among them are “The Journal of Accountancy” and “The Practicing CPA,” both of which include author bylines. In “The Practicing CPA” a byline is provided at the end of an article, along with detailed biographical information that makes it easy to track down the author. Multiple Links Lead to Candidates Another valuable section of AICPA Online is its “CPA Links” page. Selecting “Accounting Associations” from the initial list returns a second listing of links to over 50 additional sites where you can search for accounting professionals. Among these are:

There are also general international sites, as well as sites that focus on accountants in specific parts of the world. With a list that includes Canada, Singapore, and Nigeria, among other places, the connections are truly global at the “CPA Links” page. Given the many opportunities these resources offer, when it comes to looking for accounting professionals, yours can prove to be an effort that results in multiple candidates.

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