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Need a quick way to scatter your job postings to the cyber-sphere? Submitting your job postings to multiple sites is tedious and time-consuming at best and downright wasteful at worst. Internet recruiting is about recruiting, not amassing the greatest number of URLs. Consider a service that does multiple postings for you. We’ve looked at a few and summarized them below. GoJobs – One click posts your job to the GoJobs board, America’s Job Bank, Yahoo, Headhunter.Net, and 250 newsgroups. A single monthly posting costs $85; a one-site license with unlimited posting is $399 a month. And, if you already have arrangements with DICE,, JobOptions, jobEngine, or, your postings go there as well. You can try a 30-day free trial here. The Recruiters Online Network (RON) – Basic membership (described here) includes unlimited job postings to Yahoo, RON, HeadHunter.Net, America’s Job Bank, AltaVista Careers and 250 newsgroups. Annual cost is $495. Join the RON’s Best of the Net and reach 300 more, including Infospace, Infoseek, Looksmart, Classifieds 2000 and hundreds of newspapers. Go here for a complete listing. Total annual cost (includes basic membership) is $1,995. RON also offers a free 30-day trial basic membership. RecruitUSA – Membership includes unlimited posting to AOL, Yahoo, GeoCities, Excite, a plethora of portals, and DejaNews. A complete listing of where your jobs will go is here. A 13-week trial subscription is $1200; a 6-month subscription is $2600 and an annual subscription is $3600. There is no free-trial period, clearly making it a choice of last resort. BestRecruit – Offers a single job posting form and the ability to send it to any one or all of 9 sites including CareerWeb, 4Work, and JobOptions. Pricing is dependent upon where the posting goes and ranges from $70 to $150 per posting. While not as glamorous and all-inclusive as the others, it does offer one-stop shopping if you regularly use the post sites they deal with.

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