Overlooking Mobile, How Many Candidates Are Passing You By?

I was recently sitting on a commuter train in the Chicago area enjoying what turned out to be a record blizzard for the area. Looking around I could see that a majority of people were just staring at their smartphones, most likely searching the web, checking Facebook, or tweeting about the blizzard. You see this same behavior when waiting in line for your coffee or when sitting in the waiting room at the dentist office. Google recently reported that mobile searches grew 130 percent compared to last year, and ERE frequently posts articles about mobile recruiting.

In August 2008 Dr. John Sullivan posted an article about recruiting trends for 2009 about the importance of mobile-accessible corporate careers sites. We all know how important mobile accessibility is, yet only a few companies are truly optimizing the application experience for mobile. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Search for your company name and careers on your mobile device; for example, “hyatt careers.” Your own career site should be right on top of the list. Click this link. What do you see? Most of you will see a very small version of your full career web site. A few of you will see your company’s mobile site appear but without any career links or career information. Not a single Fortune top 10 company to work for has their site mobile optimized. I’m guessing a lot of people read about the Fortune list on their mobile devices. I wonder how many potential candidates were missed when they could not easily access career information for these companies.
  2. Open up your company’s main web site on a mobile device. Many companies do have a mobile version of their main web site. Where is the career link? We all fought hard to add career links to our company’s main sites years ago; get your careers link added here as well.
  3. For those of you who have optimized your job postings for search engines: Search for one of your jobs on your mobile device and then click on the link. Do you see a very small version of your ATS career portal or a mobile optimized version of the job that can be read and shared with others?

Creating an optimized version of your web site should be simple and relatively inexpensive. Keep the content simple and focus on the most important content. At Hyatt our site allows a potential candidate to search for jobs, view mobile video from YouTube, discover ways to connect with us through social media, and learn about our culture. Most ATS systems do not yet offer mobilized versions of their career sites, but many job SEO vendors can easily do this for you.

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Just like your main career site, obtaining analytics is simple. At Hyatt we have thousands of people visit our mobile career site every month and over six thousand monthly visits to our mobile job search page. AT&T and Sodexo offer a great mobile experience as well.

In the U.S. over 300 million people have a mobile phone. We take our mobile devices with us everywhere. Don’t leave your mobile viewers stranded, start mobilizing your career content.

Randy Goldberg spoke at an ERE conference in San Diego on the topic of "Using Your Brand to Attract Talent That Fits Your Culture." He is responsible for the planning, implementation and evaluation of Hyatt's recruiting programs and initiatives to ensure that Hyatt's Talent needs are met. He works cross-functionally to establish Hyatt's Talent Acquisition strategy and integrate it into business plans and company-wide practices. These efforts have led to recent recognition for Hyatt including BusinessWeek's "Best places to launch a career," CollegeRecruiter.com's top employer list, and others. Goldberg has worked with Hyatt Hotels and Resorts for over 23 years. His career started with Hyatt's Corporate Management Training Program which led to several operations management positions in properties in Southern California and then HR generalist positions that included positions in Texas and Atlanta, where he was the Divisional Director of Human Resources overseeing the HR function of 25 properties.


12 Comments on “Overlooking Mobile, How Many Candidates Are Passing You By?

  1. Great article Randy…unusual to see a company take this into their own hands in such a comprehensive way. Out of curiosity, do you have any recent data to share on which devices your mobile career site visitors are using?

  2. Randy,
    You touched on the numbers, employers should certainly look at mobile as a sound recruiting tool, now and in the future. Some other metrics that we have discovered from our mobile sites are an increased length of stay, increased number of actions per vistor and increased sharing vs. web only traffic. Average LOS and NOA are nearly double and sharing is up dramatically as well. Why? We are still looking into it, but one obvious answer being the ease of access and available time on mobile devices. We have a dozen clients that have launched mobile sites with great succes. Traffic and activity continue to grow.

    Would it be possible to comment on Hyatt’s – jobs.hyatt.mobi that we launched for Hyatt a few months back? We understand and appreciate the nature of an unbiased article, but the results have been astounding and may be relevant in deciding to implement a mobile recruiting strategy.

    Great article!

  3. Thanks for your comments Gregg. Over 50% of our visits are from ios devices. Android comes in 2nd with about 25% of the traffic. Blackberry is next with 10% of visits. The remainder includes some Symbian and Windows Mobile traffic.

  4. Chris, first of all thanks to Optijob for always working with us with our requests. Our jobs.hyatt.mobi site is supported by Optijob who helps us with SEO in general and has optimized our job search for mobile devices. This is an essential part of any mobile career site, and where most of our candidates spend there time… searching for jobs.

  5. Import and often missed one too – if your career site has job alerts or you send out mailshots – try sending such an email to yourself, viewing it on your mobile via whatever mail reading software your phone has (most of them will have something at least). Then click through on any of the links, especially any job details or “apply” link. See how the experience is for a candidate.. A high % of people are now checking their email regularly on their smartphones. Checking out this route onto your site should not be missed.

  6. Thanks for the article, Randy. The timing actually lines up perfectly – iCIMS just launched mobile career sites this month! Sodexo uses iCIMS’ ATS and you mention their positive mobile experience in your article too.

    Thanks again! Solid topic.

  7. This is very interesting data Randy. I was curious about these 6 thousands visits. Are they from unique visitors? And does a number of around 20-30k unique visitors per month at jobs.hyatt.com makes sense?

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