Parents: Now That You’ve Seen ‘Frozen,’ You Have to See This Frozen Recruiting Video

Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 3.03.50 PMWhat to make of Frozen? One of history’s biggest movies, a billion-dollar colossus whose songs are ringing so repetitively in the heads of parents with young children many would like to annihilate their car CD players?

Yes, it was time to make a Frozen-inspired recruiting video.

This classic comes from the Norman, Oklahoma, police department, which is hiring — for the first time in forever.

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(update, 1/30/15 – the video may have been removed and may no longer be accessible)


2 Comments on “Parents: Now That You’ve Seen ‘Frozen,’ You Have to See This Frozen Recruiting Video

  1. I thought it was great Michael but then, “the cold never bothered me anyway…”


    It’s disabled above so go look it up on YouTube – it’s worth seeing but this is the best part:

    “If you have any questions give me a call 405 366 5222.”

    Hey all you corporate recruiters reading this.
    Candidates want to call someone and talk to you guys.

    Set up a hotline – even if there’s someone there to answer it one day a week during limited hours – put that in your ad – and let them call you and ask questions about your ad.

    It’s what we used to do in the classifieds.

    I know most of you would rather not but people want to talk to people.

    The bottom line to why we’re not talking on the telephone is it’s just plain scary to talk to other people.?
    It’s our job to reach across the scary divide.
    If you don’t want to do that – give us a call – we’ll do it for you.
    It’s important that it get done.
    It’s important to your candidates, to your company, to you, to our country and to our world.

    Maureen Sharib
    Phone Sourcer
    513 646 7306

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