Paying for Names, Not Just Referred Hires

Should you pay people who refer to your company a job candidate who ends up getting hired? Or, should you pay people merely for sending in a name of someone?

Cathy Henesey, manager, career services, Children’s Medical Center of Dallas, talks about the latter — paying for names not just hires — in the 9 1/2-minute video below. She discusses whether some jobs or all jobs are eligible; how to handle situations where multiple people give the same name; and the results of the program.

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6 Comments on “Paying for Names, Not Just Referred Hires

  1. Thanks Todd
    We have hit 30+ days…now we are trying to set the record for the most days over 105+….
    I am looking forward to others comments, best practices, what-not-to-dos, etc.

  2. Hmmm. Paying $100/name & verified contact info with a 25% hire-conversion rate, and $2,000-$4,000/much-in-demand hires in a mid-priced market. Sounds GREAT.


  3. Hi, Cathy – Good to see you again (don’t know if you remember me, I’m here in the heat of Dallas, and met you awhile back at a networking event.) I would appreciate assisting with some of your more urgent, hard-to-fill reqs – hope we can connect soon. Interesting views/”food for thought;” thank you too, Ralph!

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