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2032041314_a63531bf9f_oHere is what is going on around the world this week:

  • Sign up for this week’s free webinar on Wednesday at 2:00 p.m: How Job Satisfaction Drives the Job Hunting Process led by Lou Adler. Lou contends that once the economy begins recovering there will be a huge unexpected spike in voluntary turnover which will result in companies scrambling to fill these replacement hires. Learn when this spike will occur and what you can do about it now to get ready.
  • In this week’s articles, are you ready for the inevitable increase in turnover you’ll experience before long? Find out if you’re ready: John Elliott of the healthcare organization Dartmouth-Hitchcock will have an exercise you can do this week. Todd Raphael uses some new technology were trying out to interview Jeremy Eskenazi about what’s going to happen to laid-off recruiters as hiring picks up. And David Szary writes about building “pipelines.” Everyone talks about them, but everyone’s got a different definition.
  • ERE Expo 2009 Fall is just over a week away. I hope to meet you personally in FL, but if you aren’t able to make the trip, you aren’t totally out of luck! Once again we will be live streaming many of the sessions right here on Stay tuned for more information on the stream schedule later this week.
  • Stay tuned for more information coming this week about the next Social Recruiting Summit to take place in New York City on Monday, November 16.
  • We are looking for speakers for our Spring ERE Expo conference in San Diego. Really cutting-edge corporate recruiting folks. If that is you or if you have a recommendation, let Todd know. Todd is also always on the lookout for writers for the Journal of Corporate Recruiting Leadership, corporate recruiting leaders, ideally at medium or large companies, since that’s who the readers are.
  • We’re getting going on the 2010 Recruiting Excellence Awards, which will take place in San Diego in conjunction with the Spring Expo. We’ll get the updated information on the website soon. Let us know if you have any suggestions as to how to improve the process this year, or if you’d like to serve as a judge.

Enjoy the last few days of summer, and if you have any questions about what I have posted, please leave them in the comments section below.

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