Pepsi Careers Live on Google+

Google+ has been moving from just individuals to brands and businesses, and PepsiCo’s Talent Engagement & Marketing Leader Chris Hoyt let us know today that the snack/soft-drink giant is the first to take advantage of this from a careers standpoint, putting up a page for job-seekers with photos and videos.

PepsiCo has for years been an early-adopter when it comes to recruiting with social media, as well as making its recruiting efforts more friendly to candidates using mobile phones.

You can check out the Google+ page here.

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And for more on PepsiCo, Here’s Hoyt and colleagues Paul Marchand and Sheila Stygar talking about their talent acquisition department in a video from the last ERE Expo.


5 Comments on “Pepsi Careers Live on Google+

  1. Thanks for the article, Todd.
    While PepsiCo’s presence on G+ is something we’ve been working directly with Google on for months (and that it’s no secret I’m a big fan of Google X for recruiting!) it’s important that our teams and recruiting peers remember that it’s just one more way to communicate with job seekers in an environment or channel they’re comfortable with.

    It won’t be a silver bullet for recruiting but it will certainly be a fun way for us to engage job seekers and share more about what’s going on at PepsiCo.

    I’m anxious to see more companies follow suit and how they address (if at all) G+ for recruiting. Kudos to companies like Deluxe and organizations like Volt for jumping in soon also!

    Hmmm… I think I’m smelling a list brewing somewhere…

  2. Chris, thanks for the shout out to Deluxe and Volt. It seems like there could be some unique ways to engage the community and candidates through Google+ Hangouts. Do you have a strategy in place to utilize this interactive feature?

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