P&G Wants College Grads Looking Good for Recruiters

face the worldA new U.S. campaign, including a college tour, aims to “provide students with the beauty, grooming, and career advice needed to help them create a personal brand that appeals to recruiters.” It’s backed by the Beauty & Grooming division of Procter & Gamble, which happens to own brands like CoverGirl, Gillette, and Olay.

LinkedIn — which says that employers are far more likely to view profiles with photos — is also involved.

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P&G has put up a website, called Face the World, and along with LinkedIn will visit the Universities of Georgia (April 24) and San Francisco (April 30) and then Northwestern in May. There, students will meet with LinkedIn specialists to get new photos taken and otherwise update their profiles; and, they’ll get beauty and grooming services as well as some free products.


4 Comments on “P&G Wants College Grads Looking Good for Recruiters

  1. I like it:
    “Extreme Makeover: College Recruiting Edition.”
    Wonder if they’ll show the non-classically attractive ones’ “before and after” shots?….


  2. Good God, if there was ever a deliberate attempt to miss the point, this initiative scores a near perfect 10 out of 10. It reminds me of my last position where the owner spent more time addressing my wardrobe choices and haircut than any actual recruiting metrics or issues. Companies need to stop making decisions based on frivolous crap like having the appropriate amount of stubble or not, or obsessing over skirt lengths, and start worrying about actual performance.

  3. This is a great strategic marketing play on college grads hopeful for an entry into the market. I foresee huge interest from grads towards this initiative.

    In terms of recruitment, I agree with Keith and Richard on this one. So the more beautiful or handsome you are at the career fair, the greater chance P&G and LinkedIn are likely to select you for an interview???

    Also the better looking you are on the photo, the better your chances are to be noticed -> hired???

    I believe that hiring a good candidate has very little to do with appearance or scent. It has everything to do with brains and character and those are 2 things you cannot measure from a LinkedIn profile a 20 minute moment of fame with a recruiter no matter how good you look.

  4. The message may seem a bit shallow if you are just thinking about photos, employers do look at LinkedIn photos, and profiles, all the time. Though more importantly, people of all experience levels need to pay attention more now than ever in our “business casual” world to their professional appearance! Students may or may not know better, but “professionals” coming in for an interview should look like professionals. First impressions do count, and like it or not, carry weight in the interview process. Getting over that hurdle is easy with some effort and the right attitude about it in the grand scheme. If experienced people are too stubborn to put in some extra effort with their overall appearance, at least P&G is giving fresh grads some good advice. Beyond the image, the rubber meets the road and the content factor kicks in. Bottom line, your communication skills and ability to express your work skills / experience and accomplishments are paramount, but polish up the external and you’ve got it covered.

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