Pigeon Wi-Fi, Emojified Email, Speedier Typing: April Fool’s From the Big Brands

pigeon wi-fiAlready tired of the same old April Fool’s gags that get pulled in the office every year? Then get inspired by the pranking from some of the world’s best known brands, rounded up by the folks at Pocket-lint.

BMW, Google, Domino’s and Samsung have all weighed in this April 1st with videos and products, some of which we wish were real, and others which almost could be believable. (Into that latter category falls Samsung’s plan to outfit pigeons with wi-fi routers. Not as weird as it first seems when you consider Google is flying blimps over cities for that same purpose.)

Google, as it happens a huge fan of April’s Fools Day, has several pranks this April Fool’s Day. But our favorite is its new Emoji translator to convert your wordiness into pictorial messages. Didn’t the ancient Egyptians invent that?

SwiftKey, sticking with the old school letter alphabet, offers FlowHard, the perfect new tool for office admins, report writers (not the IT kind), and anyone who spends long moments at their keyboards typing stuff. FlowHard, which you have to see to believe, can improve typing speed by an amazing 257%. Office managers should especially take note of this product.

Showing that it can take it, as well as deliver it, Domino’s introduced the Edibox, a rounded pizza box made of crust that you eat. Fills you up, without filling up the trash can.

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That’s just a taste (yes, that pun was intentional) of all the funny and goofy April Fool’s gags rounded up by the Pocket-lint gang.

Before we leave you to go waste time checking them all out, we have one more to share. It was specifically selected for employers and managers who need to “expel” partners, with the messy involvement of HR or, worse, lawyers.

expel a partner appFrom Aaron & Partners, a U.K. law firm, comes “Expel Your Partner.” The app was specifically created to get rid of “troublesome” partners.  However, we suspect it can be adopted for terminations and firings at all corporate levels. Simply upload a picture of the offending individual, select a means of expulsion from a menu that includes alien abduction, and voila — or is that cheers? — your problem is solved. Brilliant!

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