Pinnacle Perspectives from February Fordyce Letter

Just a quick out-of-cycle update. I love getting TFL in my email as much as I did when it came in the mail 20 years ago. Not because my name is in it now (that doesn’t hurt), but because it still is the best place to see both new stuff on our business AND things we need to review. I still scan it as soon as I get it and then read it with a high-lighter later.

Today’s scan was fun because I wrote the Pinnacle Perspectives column so long ago (1 month in ADHD time is like 7 years normal person time) that the responses all seemed very fresh to me and (sorry for saying so) I even liked my comments this time…BUT I am thinking about having a contest if anyone can tell me why I picked George Carlin as the writer’s name and then never explained it. I have a theory but I just don’t remember… And please… I hope no one says that I make them feel about me the way I felt about George before he died.  When I was a kid he made me laugh and think. Toward the end of his run he mostly made me feel sad for him and his bitterness. I am trying to work out a Benjamin Button trajectory on that for myself.

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Maybe it was George’s line about asking the Father if God was so powerful can he make a rock so big he can’t lift it?  Not sure. Are we search practitioners creating problems we can’t solve in our handling of these ‘Who owns what?’ questions?

Dave Staats places top executives as well as implementation consultants with software companies. He also has made more placements in Artificial Intelligence than any other headhunter. His career began during the SDI (Star Wars) years and included placement of scientists in laser, stealth, and other high-tech fields. During a short hiatus from the recruiting industry in 1994 he obtained a Private Investigator's license which he keeps as a constant reminder that a headhunter is what he really is. Dave is on the Board of Directors of The Pinnacle Society and a founder of The Tennessee Recruiters Association. He has a BA from Western Illinois University. Dave also blogs at Truth, Justice & the American Way of Headhunting


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