Planning: Don’t Leave the Office Without It

Dear Barb:

I have heard you speak several times, and I’m always impressed by your attitude. You are always positive, energetic and enthusiastic. I have a terrible time staying motivated. I have great intentions but don’t follow through with my actions. You teach us to talk to 20 new people every day, but I don’t think I make 20 phone calls the entire day. What can I do to get motivated and then stay motivated?

Unmotivated in Dallas

Dear Unmotivated:

As an owner, I’ve learned that I can’t motivate my sales team. The best I can do is create a motivating environment and figure out what motivates each member of my team. My team is not going to excel because I want a record year. They will, however, reach higher levels of success for their own reasons. You need to write down goals that are near and dear to your heart. What specifically do you want to create for yourself and the people you love? Where do you want to live? What do you want to drive? What do you want to contribute to the cause that means the most to you?

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You are in the right profession at the right time in history, but no one can motivate you but you. When you admit that you are not completing even 20 calls a day, you are also probably not planning out your day. If you want to turn your great intentions into actions and results, plan out 100% of the calls you will make the following day before you leave work. No one enjoys planning, but the most successful people in our professional realize the power of planning! Control your destiny by your planned outgoing calls vs. your incoming calls and you will be more successful which will help you be more positive, energetic and enthusiastic.

Barbara J. Bruno, CPC, CTS

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