Read The Press Releases

How many recruiters every morning wake up and read the press releases for the industry they work in? You should, because the guys being quoted in those press releases want to talk. You should call them.

The guy is going to feel great because you let him know that you read it and found it interesting. Sure you can recruit the guy but I’m not a fan of the instaRecruit
This guy may be your next great client so this call should be a great call.

Ask the guy being quoted why is this news significant and how it will impact their company and the market they compete in. It must be difficult for them like everyone else in the industry to hire, right? You should say that. It will be amazing where that takes you.

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At some point you want to find out if he has hiring responsibilities and if so, you would love to discuss helping him with his urgent searches. Dig on this one and really discuss it or at least find out who he thinks you should talk to at their company.

The point here is that there is an abundance of industry information almost every day. It’s not hard to find. If you’re on the phone an hour every day letting the world know you are watching and taking note, amazing things will happen.


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