Reasons You Should Hire a Recruiter?

When I saw Jill Geisler at Poynter, a site covering the journalism field, do the Ten Reasons You Should Hire a Journalist (I’ve pasted the beginning of her article below), I thought, “someone’s got to do a list like this about recruiting.”

Recruiters who leave (or get new jobs within) the profession have more to offer than most prospective employers probably realize. For that matter, they have more to offer their own companies than their own employers probably realize — for example, during tough times, a lot of recruiters have research skills that could be put to use in the sales department.

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Perhaps we can get a reasons-you-should-hire-a-recruiter list going (post in the comments section).

Dear Potential Employer:

Please accept this letter of recommendation for the journalist applying for your job opening. I know this is unorthodox — a generic reference letter. But permit me to explain. Thousands of men and women who made journalism their vocation have lost their jobs. For many, telling a community’s stories through words and images is the only career they’ve known.

They didn’t leave their jobs; their jobs left them. Many are still shell-shocked, wondering if potential employers in other fields will place any value on the things they do best.

That’s why I write this letter. I don’t pretend to know the individual who’s applying to you, and certainly, every journalist is unique. But as someone who has spent decades hiring and firing, coaching and mentoring journalists, I know a bit about their skills and values and what they could mean to your organization.

I also know that journalists may not be comfortable appearing to brag about what they do well; self-esteem can get downsized pretty easily these days.

So permit me to make their case to you. Here are 10 reasons you should hire a journalist.


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  1. Here’s one!! I was laid off from HNTB as their “Recruiter/Sourcer” and am aggressively seeking employment. I live in Central Florida and not interested in relocating. I will, however, take on a contract anywhere in the country. Also, Robert, any number of recruiter niche sites will provide you with a number of unemployed recruiters (see several yahoogroups). I do hope a reader of this column will see both our comments. There are many recruiters out of work in Central Florida. Howie (

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