Recruit on the run with an iPhone

Are you a recruiter constantly away from your desk and unable to keep up with the recruiting cycle? Do you find yourself trying to find, evaluate, and recruit candidates while on the go? If this sounds like you, get an iPhone, and get access to everything you need right in the palm of your hands.

Without sounding like an Apple sales representative, I discovered that the iPhone opens up a huge playing field specifically for recruiters and sourcers who frequently travel, work in the field, or who work virtually.

The iPhone acts like a mini-computer, where users can access work email, use the Internet, read and produce documents, take notes, and stay organized all while on the run away from an office setting. The iPhone offers a view of the Internet that is exactly the same one would see through a web browser on a desktop computer. With new 3G wireless speeds and advanced security features, the iPhone is now also a very safe product to allow mobile access to systems, programs, sensitive files, key company information, and important documents.

With this in mind, the iPhone can significantly boost recruiter productivity and help to shorten the time-to-fill cycle for open positions. When a recruiter is moving between appointments offsite, the iPhone can access an ATS to update candidate information, grab key files on a shared drive online, or produce a report and email in a timely fashion to various managers and team members.

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Major companies, in addition to popular social and business networks, have taken notice of the power and usability of the iPhone by offering “mobile” and iPhone versions of their websites, as well as downloadable software applications. These include LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, AOL Instant Messenger, Google, Yahoo, FriendFeed, Pownce, Salesforce, Oracle, and Digg, which all have various uses and functionality for recruiters and sourcers.

CareerBuilder has jumped on board as well, and offers an “iPhone” friendly application, although the early version is more geared toward job seekers. There are even applications which help iPhone users “record” their voice and take recorded notes to access at a later time.

The iPhone is the only product for recruiters and sourcers that offers such a unique and wide-ranging combination of tools in a small handheld device. Think about it. A recruiter can sit in the back of a taxi cab, flip through profiles on LinkedIn, check those potential candidates against an ATS, double-check these names in recruiting reports, call and screen the candidates, type, voice record, and update notes, and finally email resumes and a candidate presentation to a hiring manager. All this from one device.

Geoff Peterson is the Managing Principal for General Lead, a national provider of talent delivery, advanced sourcing services, and custom recruitment training. He has over ten years' full life-cycle recruiting, Internet sourcing, and research experience nationwide, having fulfilled successful engagements with small organizations and Fortune 500 companies alike. Geoff brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table including Technical Recruiting, Executive Recruiting, Internet Sourcing, Name Generation, Competitive Intelligence, Internet Research, Job Search Strategy and Recruitment Marketing.


7 Comments on “Recruit on the run with an iPhone

  1. As cool as the iPhone is, I don’t see it as the most productive way to do what you describe. I would think a laptop and an air card from Verizon or Sprint would make you far more productive in the back of a cab.

  2. With this article – I was looking at the iPhone as a “small” and very “portable” device to use while recruiters and sourcers are literally on the run.

    An iPhone fits in your pocket, weighs very little, can be held in your hand, and powers on and off quickly…all making it very convenient to use. A laptop is usually big and bulky. Most laptops need to be put in a briefcase adding to your travel gear, and take alot of time to power up and down. Getting a laptop to acquire a WIFI signal or get Internet access on the run would be more difficult than an iPhone. iPhones can bounce back and forth between 2G, 3G and WIFI networks (whatever it reads is available) while moving around. Most of the applications and programs running on computers are now moving to mobile platforms too.

  3. What you describe is somewhat possible on an iPhone but would take you quite some time to do. Each time you work with one app and then switch to the other, the iPhone shuts down the app and has to restart the next app. These apps don’t run as background services on the iPhone, Apple only let’s the iPod functionality work as a background service. Apple could enable iPhone’s to run background apps (and many of them) but then you would really see the iPhone become as slow as a snail and Apple wants you to experience a fast iPhone.

    iPhone’s are great devices and great at specific tasks but for now they are not replacing computers because of ergonomics (small screen) and functionality.

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